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Blackjack Manual

There is no doubt that blackjack appears to be a gambling game, without which it is extremely hard to imagine any online casino. Indeed, it is quite obvious that blackjack is sure to have its own specific feature and peculiarities.

Moreover, unlike roulette, it appears to require some specific skills. Consequently, it is highly recommended to look through blackjack manual before starting to play it.


It should be noted that playing blackjack turns out to require some special equipment. Actually, blackjack is commonly played with the help of international pack of cards, which includes 52 cards.

Moreover, some casinos are known to utilize several packs of cards, which are mixed together. They are supposed to do this in order to make the pace of the game faster. Furthermore, it makes much difficult to implement such blackjack strategy as card counting.

It must be taken into consideration that different blackjack casinos turn out to utilize various number of packs (from 2 to 8). Besides, frequency of re-shuffling, which decreases the use of card counting, varies from one casino to another as well.

In addition, blackjack is usually played at a table, which is designed in a particular way. The dealer is playing against several players at a time.

Aim of Blackjack

As far as the purpose of the game is concerned, it should be mentioned that it turns out to be simple, but some gamblers happen to misunderstand it.

It should be noted that if a gambler is eager to win in blackjack, he should obtain the stronger hand than the dealer, but he should not bust. In other words, he should not exceed 21 points, otherwise he is likely to lose irrespectively of the dealer's hand.

Besides, if a gambler happens to collect 21 points, it means that he gets a blackjack. In this case, he is sure to win immediately, unless the dealer has a blackjack as well. If the latter situation takes place, initial wager is returned to a gambler.