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Online Roulette Guide

To begin with, roulette turns out to be rather breathtaking and amusing gambling game, which happens to have a good deal of followers all over the world. It is extremely popular pastime, especially in Europe.

Actually, it is not a secret that roulette is known to be a game of chance. On the hand, it does not mean that a gambler should not utilize roulette guide to increase his odds in the game.

Purpose of the Game

As far as the object of the game is concerned, a gambler should try to guess the spot where the ball is sure to fall. Virtually, it reflects in a betting option. Unlike blackjack, roulette offers a great choice of numerous wagers to make.

It should be noted that gamblers may put wagers on black or red, odd or even, single number or combinations of numbers. Of course, the amount of payouts depends on the type of the wager you make.

Types of the Bets

Actually, there are 2 basic kinds of wagers in roulette. They are outside stakes and inside stakes. In fact, they got their names according to the place where the numbers are located on the table layout.

Inside Bets

  • Straight Bet - a wager is made on one number.
  • Split Bet - a stake is put on any 2 neighboring numbers.
  • Street Bet - a wager is placed on any 3 neighboring numbers.
  • Corner Bet - a stake is made on any 4 neighboring numbers.
  • Six Line Wager - a wager is placed on six numbers in raw.
  • Column Bet - a stake is put on 12 numbers in a column.

Outside Bets

  • Black or Red - a wager is put on one of two colors.
  • Odd or Even - a stake is made on one of these categories of numbers.
  • High or Low - a wager is placed on one of three groups of numbers ( 1-12, 12-24 or 24-36).

To put it in a nutshell, it should be noticed that if you are eager to win big at roulette, you should gamble only best roulette casinos and be aware of all tips and strategies.