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Refer a Friend bonus is designed in simple manner for use of experts and amateurs. It starts with a user of online casino asking a friend to register as new member with the web site.

Every individual would always follow the ratings and reviews of friend that has been playing online casinos than reading the fake reviews on internet. These advertisements are always making to attract number of users. One of the best way to ensure your friends faith in any particular online casino is by offering them Refer a Friend Bonus. There are various incentives provided to users online such that they could enable their friends also to join the gang. Almost everyone wins, as online casinos tend to gather huge amount of traffic. Refer a friend bonus is a lot better option as the person referred gets reliable and tested casino web site and the referring person gets bonus for use in game.

Detailed note

It is obvious that at the time of registration, the new user has to mention the account number or name of person directed them to site. This would make sure that bonus reaches right account. Once the registration is done, new player has to open a new real money account for depositing money in bonus account such that proper bet can be placed. Once the whole procedure is executed the referring person gets his promised bonus.


The structure of Refer a Friend bonus is generally same with every online casino web site, but there is difference in approach and methods or even details. There are no limits to number of friends that could be referred at any span of time. This could be lucky some times when a player looses enough of bonus from the account and need more money for meeting the basic requirement for betting. However, the friend that is referred has to comply with the basic conditions that are mentioned at the time of registration.

On the other hand, many online casinos restrict the number of friends that could be referred. This is to make sure that the player does not fell in any activity related to falsified advertising or as such and promote self and making strange people join the site for sake of claiming the bonus. Another reason for this is that a normal user knows the person having interest in casino and making money online such that stick and play for longer time, which is the basic motive of online casinos. Though there is no need of being disappointed since these web sites allow the user to refer limited number of friend in a month so next month you can refer same number of friend again.

To draw more number of people in this system provides incentives to players and their friend such their first deposit is of large amount.