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Video Poker Game

It goes without saying that Video Poker appears to be one of the widely recognized gambling games around the world. In fact, only blackjack, slots and roulette can boast of higher popularity than Video Poker game.

Moreover, Video Poker game is known to be a hybrid of slots and traditional poker. So, it is supposed to combine features of both these games.

Aim of Video Poker

As far as the aim of Video Poker is concerned, a gambler should try to collect the strongest combination of cards. Actually, the stronger hand he obtains, the more he is supposed to be paid out. So, it is extremely vital to know all basic winning combinations in Video Poker.

Rules in Video Poker

First of all, if you gamble online, you should register and create your personal account. Afterwards, you should transfer some money on your account. Only then, you will be able to make wagers in Video Poker.

Besides, it should be mentioned that before making a stake you can choose the denomination of your bet utilizing specific button. Then, you should hit the "Deal" button to start a game round.

Commonly, 5 random cards are handed out to you. Then, you have a possibility to decide which cards you are eager to keep. Indeed, there is the so-called "Hold" button under each card. It means that by click it, you may select or unselect the cards, which are useful for you.

Afterwards, you should hit the other button and the new cards will be dealt to you instead of the unmarked ones. In fact, this button is commonly referred to as the "Draw" button.

Bonus Rounds

It must be taken into consideration that some Video Poker games are known to have such specific feature as bonus rounds. Actually, they enable gamblers to multiply their winnings. Its principal appears to be simple. 5 cards are handed out to a gambler. One of them is sure to be opened.

Virtually, a gambler should select one card out of the rest. If it turns out to have bigger value than the opened card, he is likely to win.