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We put top encryption software and technologies to use to keep your information safe and follow strict standards of security to prevent unauthorized information access to boot.

For our website to fulfill its user obligation properly, we have to supplement any information that we get with third party information sources. So, we put TRUSTMARK to use in order to verify user identities and get rid of fraudulent transactions.

Whenever the personal information of a user changes (like zip codes, phone numbers, postal or email addresses), and whenever a user wants to stop using our services, we offer up methods on how to fix, deactivate, erase or update the personal information of said user.

Change Notifications

Whenever we choose to make privacy policy changes, we will put the changes up here and on our homepage, so that our users will know what data we gather, how it is used, and in which circumstances it is disclosed. We then put that information to use according to the policy, in which this data was collected.

However, if we plan on using a user's personal information for ways that are not stated during the collection time, we will get in touch with the user through email. Then, he will get to choose if the information can be used in such a manner. But if users opt out of any website communication altogether, or have already deactivated or deleted their accounts, they will never be contacted and their personal data will never be used in such ways. Additionally, if we choose to make material privacy practice changes that don't affect already stored user information in any way in the database, a big notice will be posted on the website to notify users of such changes. In several cases, where notices are posted, we will email users, too, especially if they chose to get communications that notify them of such privacy practice changes, to begin with.

Customer Charters

We promise to ensure total clarity and openness in every customer relationship of finance. We will provide odds on every mainstream sport event, which will be considered competitive with various other main bookmakers. We have 24/7 call centers in various languages, as well, so that customer matters can be resolved as fast as possible. If a dispute ends up facing an agreement that isn't amicable, we agree to follow independent arbitration. We respect every customer's privacy, after all, so we commit ourselves to protect customer information from other parties at all times.